At the beginning there is an idea, an impression, some physical fragmentary image ( fragment of photograph, shred of drawing ), which holds its own meaning, open for contexts. The painting or drawing develops from this point in all directions, freely but following some compelling directing force. The point of departure is transformed as the artist follows his intuition layer by layer. The painting develops autonomously, new images, gestures, textures and details accumulate, are added or torn out, obliterated beneath new layers of paint, colour and emotion in a free- flowing stream filtered through the artist’s awareness. This stream, whose wild force, if unchecked, can flood the consciousness, here is distilled for our benefit into constructions of vibrant colours and a surrealist humour. The composition balances between the abstract and the figurative, with the element of a code in both directions- physical forms taking on abstract meanings and abstract images reminding us of elements of the physical world.  Fragments of worlds, weeks, months, sometimes years of reflection crystalized into painterly matter, reflecting a spiritual life which we all share.

Agata Kluzniak

Pawel Wajs was born in Krosno ,in Poland in 1976. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan-Poland in the years 1999-2002;He lives in France since 2002.

contact: pavoo21@yahoo.fr

telefon:  +33 (0) 6 61 88 18 22